Friday, November 6, 2009

GOV/MIL/LE ONLY COURSES - click here for info

5 Day Pistol/Carbine

3 Day Lo-Vis Pistol

4 Day Mag Fed Scoped Rifle

10 Day CQB Buildup

5 Day CQB

2 Day Vehicle Dynamics

2 Day Urban Climber (GOV/MIL/LE only)

OPEN ENROLLMENT COURSES - click here for info

2 Day Pistol/Carbine

2 Day Pistol

2 Day Carbine

2 Day LE Patrol Rifle and Vehicle Tactics

2 Day Scoped Rifle

Custom Built Courses


El Wray said...

Any chance for a civilian precision rifle course?

Anonymous said...

No, because you suck and he hates you.