Grip Stippling

Carbine pistol grips are manufactured with the grip striations on the backstrap running parallel to the lines in your hand. It's better if they go East-West. It really helps when anchoring in for a long accurate shot or shooting fast up close. As with a pistol I advocate gripping as high as possible. So I dimple all the way to the top on the backstrap, in the front under the trigger guard, and both sides. There is no need for me to go all the way to the bottom on a carbine because my hand doesn't go that low. An easy, inexpensive way to get a grip on your guns. It takes a little time to figure out but the result is amazing. I use a simple soldering iron. I clean it with sand paper. If I want a special "look" I'll shape the iron with a file. I purposely did this Glock to the contour of my hand. This shows how high a correct pistol support grip should be. It helps with showing new shooters. Nice and high on the backstrap Sig 226 panel Because this Glock 19 is used for concealed carry, I don't do anything on the sides that could impede the draw or make the wearer uncomfortable. One of the most underlooked places to improve grip on a pistol.