Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pocket Pistols

I'll admit that I've never been a big fan of so called back ups, pocket pistols, or "gut guns". My thinking was that your back up for pistol only work should be interchangable with the primary. Meaning that they shoot the same bullet and can use the same mag (think Glock 17 & 19), cause you're already shooting pistol only.

Still, there are some who can't even risk carring a sub-combat because of operational limits or dress (summertime at the beach). If you're looking for something like that, or maybe something for a beginner, take a look at the Kahr P380. I recently got to shoot it and handle it for a day and its the most sensible of any pocket guns I've seen. I tried like hell to make off with this thing to no avail.

One big advantage of the Kahr is the ability to not only adjust the sights but also use common after market sights like Tritiums, Ameriglos, or Heines.

The bad:

The trigger sucks. Very long pull to the rear, almost like a miny version of a 92f on double action, but the mech is so small- what do you expect?

Magazine release button requires a hard press to release.

The good:

Sights (see above)

Magazines hold 6 rds, and are small enough to put in a pocket without showing.

Can be shot with both hands.

Can be shot accurately out to 15 yards.

.380 comes in some good forms (Gold dot, XTS, etc.)


Anonymous said...

I have a Kahr PM9 (9mm). It's similar to what you have pictured. I wanted to like it, but it's unreliable. That makes it pretty much worthless.

Anonymous said...

No issues yet with 200 rds and no cleaning. Maybe they gave us a "Wednesday" gun!


Anonymous said...

My Kahr CW-9 never missed a beat. I ran 350 rd's or so thru in a single day.

Anonymous said...

I've also heard Larry Vickers state he was pleasantly surprised by Kahr P380.