Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Without the 1911, our modern semi-autos would not be around.


Anonymous said...


Good video on the 1911, I remember the clip from Tactical Arms (I believe). My first handgun, and still favorite to this day, is a Springfield Mil-Spec 1911. You have to love a firearm that reliably shoots Wolf ammo without a single hiccup, even after hundreds of rounds of that dirty, cheap ammo. Disassembly and cleaning is a snap. Trust me, I am well versed it in after plinking with 'comrade wolf'.


Haji said...

I am a dyed in the wool, hardcore 1911 guy, and have been for 15+ years. Love 'em to death; its one of the easiest guns to shoot well that there is. That said, I'm with Ken Hackathorn on this point: the 1911 is the King of feedway stoppages. I don't think they're for the guy that doesn't want to take the time to learn how they work. For that guy, and for me, there's Glocks and MnP's.