Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Daniel Defense M4

I first heard of DD when someone told me about them making all the rails for the SOPMOD 2 kit for USSOCOM. I was in the market for a new carbine and chose the DDM4. If you want an extended rail, and grip forward like I do, this is the only carbine to get. Once you add up the money to build it on your own, it'll be a wash. And chances are you probably skimped on some parts to come in under budget. A wise man once told me- buy cheap, pay twice. I shot a bunch of different brands but I feel the DD is the best bang for the buck right now for a few reasons.

The first is the rail system. 12" total length, but a thinner feel than others on the market. Plus, a great place to mount an X-300- out in front of the front sight post. That way the gun is skinny from front to back. It also comes with a hammer forged barrel, with 1:7 twist, so shooting the mil-spec ammo won't be an issue. The buffer tube is also mil size. It comes with a Magpul MOE buttstock

It also has standard an after market trigger guard, which is nice for us in the winter classes when wearing gloves.

The magwell has a slight flare to it, nothing crazy.

BUIS is simple, robust, and thin. The hollowed out space underneath is not for weight saving, but for a secure clamping effect on the rail.

The trigger is a nice surprise. When dry firing, it felt like a normal mi-spec issued trigger. When I loaded it and shot, it was surprisingly much smoother.

I zeroed in on Monday and have about 400 rds through it so far. Some up close stuff, all the way to 300 and she performs great, just as expected. I'm looking forward to running this thing hard.

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THC said...

Great weapon; I love mine. It is the most complete out of the box M4 on the market, and DD's customer service is second to none. Can't say enough good things about this rifle and Daniel Defense in general.